Natalia Zubko

Site Responsive Environments + Sculptures

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Luminous Accumulation, 2008-2009
Mixed Media (Wood, PVC, Light); approx 16’ x 81’ x 12’
Site-Responsive Environment – Art Lot, Brooklyn, NY

Chiri mo tsumoreba yamatonaru: “Even dust accumulates into a mountain” This Japanese proverb inspired the exploratory focus of this installation - light. How could I create more light as there becomes less and less as winter approached? What are the natural elements available to me to accumulate and generate greater light? In this project, the natural weather of the coming winter months became my primary resource for producing more light. The pipes act as gutters to catch and gather the rain/snow. It then directs it to the pool where, over time, as more “weather” is amassed, a greater light-reflection is produced.